Top Reasons for Remodeling Your Garage

Remodeling a home improves the interior aesthetics, and when householders think of undertaking a significant project as such, they only perform improvements in the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and living area. But what of the garage? In many residential properties, the garage is either the most utilized or underused area. According to a statistic, one in every four American property owners cannot store their automobile due to over-cluttering. Remodeling the garage is an effective means of having things done more efficiently. Besides, most folks enter the home through this area. They want to come into a beautiful, organized space. So, what should you consider when conducting a garage make-over? One professional advice that homeowners should heed to is to understand the purpose for which they want to utilize the space. While a significant number of people may want to renovate the garage to restore parking space, others prefer to use it as a workshop, guest bedroom or summer porch, etc.


Including storage on walls and ceilings is a great way of decluttering the space. Metal panels can go to the ceiling, and slat-wall panels can be installed to allow the occupants to use slide hooks on large items like bicycles. It is always nice to have more space.

A Space for Hobbies

Besides having stupendous storage space, a cluttered garage can be transformed into a home for hobbies. Car lovers can store their tools out of sight while they work comfortably in their car. Gardening lovers can also use the extra space to store pots, gardening tools, and soil. To add some glamor and pop to the renovated area, apply bright colors on the walls. Also, painting your garage doors frisco tx that offer entry into the home is a way of adding something extra to catch the eye.

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Improvised Mudroom

In homes that lack mudrooms inside, the area just before the entry into the house can serve as a makeshift storage area for the shoes, umbrellas, and bags that are used on a daily basis. Mudrooms are becoming popular among many homeowners because families never use their front doors anymore; they enter and leave home through their garage, and they require a place to store the jackets and coats.

Garage Remodeling Cost

Having a budget and staying confined to it is the most crucial aspect of planning an extreme garage make-over. On average, the quote of having your garage professionally renovated costs about $10,000. For such a budget, most folks hardly see the need for a remodel, forgetting the extra useful space a garage offers. It is critical to consider this because, from the above, the parking is an existing space waiting to serve a purpose. So, why wait any further?

Nonetheless, it is essential to understand that adding an HVAC system installed will expand the budget. Besides, the air conditioner comes in handy if you intend to transform the garage into an office, master suite or a small apartment. The only trick is to repair and maintain the original footprint of the space, so you need not incur further costs in wall and ceiling repairs.