Practical Way to Clean-Up Following Water Damage

Water, though essential for life, can be incredibly destructive to property in massive quantities. This type of property destruction is common following heavy rainfall storms such as hurricanes and slow moving thunderstorms. The resulting floods can ruin homes, businesses and other structures. If this water is allowed to sit for even a few days, the conditions could be right for mold growth on top of the devastating water damage. Other things beside weather events can also cause extensive water damage. Burst water heaters, broken water pipes, backed-up sewer lines, leaking washers and other situations can also cause water damage to nearby floors, walls, carpets and other expensive furnishings.

It is important to know the correct way to clean-up following massive or even smaller water damaging events. Many individuals are unaware that there are professional cleaners that have the training, specialized equipment and knowledge regarding just this subject. Their rates are often reasonable especially when considering the high costs of renting carpet cleaners, buying cleaning products and possibly having to replace floors and carpets that a professional cleaner might be able to salvage to a pre-water damage state. Hiring a professional cleaning company is a practical way to swiftly clean-up and recover your damaged property following water damage Chesapeake VA residents often encounter.

Another common cause of water damage every year is ironically a fire event. While most do not think that house fires can also cause water damage, property owners that have been through these scary and unexpected events have found that the huge amounts of water that the firefighters use to put out the fire can certainly cause massive amounts of further property damage. Hiring a cleaning service that specializes in these types of fire disasters and water clean-ups can often save much of the water soaked items that are often irreplaceable and cherished possessions.

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It is crucial to ensure the safety of the area after any water damaging situation. Floorboards that have become waterlogged are often unstable to walk on and may buckle in and cause severe injuries to anyone walking on them. The water must be extracted thoroughly to eliminate the growth of mold and mildew. It is hard to see the extent of water damage with regards to soaked furniture, carpets and flooring materials. If the water has come from contaminated sources, special precautions like wearing protective clothing must be taken to avoid anyone involved in the cleaning becoming seriously ill afterwards.

After area flooding, basements and crawl spaces often fill up with the surrounding water. This can become dangerous if the amounts put pressure on the exterior framework. It is recommended that homeowners use special water pumps to pump out the basements. However, it is crucial to ensure that the area is safe first. Live electricity from exposed wet electrical wires and appliances can travel through the water to seriously shock and even kill someone touching the current. If unsure of whether the area is safe for cleaning, call in a professional cleaning service instead.